Riding the Soundwave is a trance progressive mix show series created by me, Chris Lyons.

It is a series of awesome 1-hour mix which could convey the emotion and the wonder ofthe sports I like most, surfing and snowboarding, through trance progressive, beach house, synthwave, EDM/electronica and the like.

Each episode tells a story. For this reason, each one is unique, and has its own mood and the choice of tracks is not random, even though all of them are live recorded and the selection of tracks has lots of improvvisation.

Each episode is not a month's sampler set. Inside Riding the Soundwave you will find lots of classic tunes that are around since years. A few tracks are really everlasting, because the emotions they bring are always current.

My biggest dream is to make Riding the Soundwave a web radio show or to perform live as well. So, if tyou can offer such possibilities, then please get in touch at mixCloud.com/fermailtempo

If you have suggestions, comments or any thought then don't be shy and comment or write a direct message. I'd love to hear from you.

Chris Lyons DJ


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