01 - Pilot


1. 2H3arts by Terry Da Libra
2. Come by Jay FM
3. Luminosity by Andromedha
4. Resa by Sound Quelle
5. All We Are (Shomu Remix) by LOOPer feat. Andy Wooding
6. Bryde's Whale (New Ordinance Edit) by Airdraw, Jo.E & Aaren
7. We Tried (Talamanca Vocal Remix) by Mango & Astroleaf
8. Chaunpa by Sound Quelle
9. Verona (Radio Edit) by Vitodito & Talamanca
10. Ghost ( Original Mix ) by Vasily Goodkov
11. Love The Way by Anthony Nikita feat. Hadar Adora
12. Lanza by Universal Solution
13. Be Mine by Peter Illias & Lukas Solcani
14. Orlaz by Sound Quelle
15. Good Times by Jay FM
16. Moonshiner (Original Edition) by Ron with Leeds

This is the pilot episode of Riding The Soundwave. This one wasn't live mixed, but assembled in studio, and was meant to be a sampler of the tracks published around June 2018.
After this first episode, the tracks were selected in a completely different way, and all the subsequent episode have been live mixed.

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